In effort to better inform you of the signage process and approximate timeline, we have put together this document to answer some questions that you may have. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Sign Criteria and Site Survey – We will pull the city/county ordinances for your new location to find out what signage is allowable. (If you have signage criteria in your lease documents, please forward to us as soon as your lease is finalized.)   For new structures, we can use plan/elevation drawings.  For existing building structures, we will need to conduct a site survey to take measurements and photos of the existing fascia/sign band as well as reviewing electrical access.  We will do this concurrently while reviewing city/muni ordinances. If a site survey is required and Precision Signs is not used for the project, this cost will be billed and the site survey is yours to provide to another sign company.  Conversely, if a site survey has been done by another sign company, please provide it to us so you don’t have to pay for it again.  Lead time: 3 – 7 Days

Art – We will use the survey and criteria (and lease signage requirements) to create artwork for your approval.  We will also be working with your corporate design guide and will generally need their approval if there are any deviations.  (If you have a vector or EPS file of logo please send that to us) Lead time: Up to 3 Days (for the first draft)

Landlord Approval – After you have approved the artwork, we will route to your landlord (please provide this information if you have it) for approval. Lead time: 2 – 12 Day (depending on any request for edits and variances)

Quote – Once your landlord has approved the artwork we will provide you with an estimate/contract for approval. Lead time: Up to 2 Days

Permitting – Upon receipt of your signed contract and a 50% deposit, our national network of licensed installers will apply for a sign permit.  Each city varies greatly on their turnaround time. Lead time: up to 10 Working Days in most municipalities or associations.

Fabrication – Once the permit has been approved, the manufacturing process will begin. Lead time: 4 to 6 Weeks worst case for an illuminated sign.  Vinyl or FCO’s are 2-4 weeks.  We can work permit waivers and expedites if needed.  These are worst case planning intervals.



Typically, when an acquiring business buys another brand and they are changing the acquired business’ name to theirs, banks for example, the acquirer wants to re-brand all their new locations simultaneously to avoid brand confusion and promote the continuing brand.  Precision Signs works with the acquirer’s facility managers to insure that the re-branding goes seamlessly and that all the locations are ready to go “live” at the same time.  We handled several acquisitions for a financial services business over the periods of 2015 and 2016.

Store Closure and Removal:

When a business is exiting multiple locations, they frequently have an obligation to remove signage that has become obsolete.  Precision Signs recently completed a project over several months in which we oversaw the removal of signs from 225 locations.

Franchisor-Franchisee Systems:

When a franchisee is opening a new location or locations, they are typically addressing multiple issues regarding the build out and preparation for business opening.  Some franchisees are not experienced in the entire process of readying a location for opening.   A typical franchisee spends from a few hundred thousand dollars to upwards of over $1MM to open their business.   A typical sign package can range from $5,000 - $20,000, but the signage process is very complex.   While you manage the construction and build-out of your business, which is where you should be concentrating your efforts, Precision Signs project managers take the stress and uncertainty away.    From working with the landlord, their signage criteria, local ordinance and codes to working with corporate for branding and design, we simplify the complex and get the job done in time for your opening.   It is surprising for first time business owners to realize that every sign is custom and that the process is complicated.  

It is for that reason, Franchisors recommend using their preferred national sign company rather than a local vendor to insure consistent branding and appearance throughout the system.   Precision Signs is the preferred vendor of several franchisors with systems that are growing rapidly. 



Since we’ve been in contact with you, I’ve felt that I am in good hands. You are all so responsive and I feel that you are with me every step of the way. Everything you’ve said you were going to do, you’ve done. You stepped in when we needed help and have helped us get on track. You always validate my feelings and it is much appreciated. Thank you so much for partnering with us on this journey.
— Paul and Kim Ruben, Beef Jerky Outlet, Round Rock, TX Franchise
One stop shop. No headaches. Nuff said!
— Jay Tortorice, Jason’s Deli
We have been in business with Precision Signs for a number of years and have been thrilled with the work they have provided for our company. For several years, we have committed to Precision Signs as our national sign vendor and the result has been phenomenal. What we appreciate the most about the Precision team is the hard work and professionalism they provide and their ability to work around the many obstacles they are faced with and still be able to deliver the expected results and then some.
— Kolten Knox, Training Coordinator, Bahama Buck's Franchise Corporation