Precision Signs

Precision Signs was founded in 2005.  Our origins were as a service organization, but we developed quickly into a national sign company. Our corporate HQ is Austin, Texas with additional offices in the Dallas, Texas market.  Precision Signs can operate efficiently anywhere in the country on behalf of our customers, while providing expert advice and continuity in each and every locale. All of that is conveyed in four simple words: National Presence. Local Perspective. Words that exude confidence, reputation, and promise.

National Presence. Local Perspective. The slogan speaks for who we are and what we do. We are unique in that our business addresses two distinct business models which include the national market as well as the North and Central Texas market. Each is important to understand because each model has its own value proposition to offer each set of clients.

Local business owners need a custom sign shop that can quickly and efficiently provide your signage needs. Most small business owners know very little about sign options, codes, pricing, and the time it takes to navigate through the various stages of a commercial sign project. Precision Signs has local sales representatives to meet on site and provide the expertise to get the job done on-time and on-budget. 

National Brands require a national sign company that can also quickly and efficiently navigate the signage process including providing design, fabrication, project management, code and ordinance review,  and your signage criteria in situations that have many projects in various phases, taking place around the country simultaneously.  The capability to serve these customers resides in a skilled project management team. Precision Sign’s Project Management team allows us to efficiently manage a high volume of projects, while addressing each and every aspect of our clients’ distributed projects centrally. We are an extension of your team, communicating at the corporate level as well as management at every location being serviced.